The Kentucky Chautauqua was established by the Kentucky Humanities in 1992.  The performers travel to schools, libraries, and other community organizations upon request, delivering historically accurate dramatizations of Kentuckians from the past.

We were lucky to catch up with the original ten performers in 1992.  We found them in various locations around the state.  The accompanying story with each performer’s picture is identical to the handouts provided at each performance.


Mary Breckinridge – Carol Crowe-Carraco

Rev. Elisha Green – George T. Vaughn

Belle Brezing – Nancy Sherburne

Cassius Clay – Steve Wise

Jesse Sturat – James M. Lowe

Cora Wilsdon Stewart – Laura O’Connell

Joseph Galloway – David Dewitt

Rev. Elijah Craig – George McGee

Gov. Edwin P. Morrow – Vic Hellard Jr.

Emmitt Davenport – Richard Albin